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Now more than ever, business success has become increasingly dependent on reliable connectivity. As your business grows with day-to-day operations, your dependency on reliable, high-speed Internet increases for primary and backup solutions. 

Utilizing a nationwide fibre backbone, licenced frequency and carrier grade equipment, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions’ Dedicated Internet Access provides scalable custom solutions from 5Mbps to 1GB to set your business up for success. No matter where you are! 

Xplornet Enterprise Solutions Dedicated Internet Access and Backup plans protect your business.

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Dedicated Internet Access

With Xplornet Enterprise Solutions' DIA, your business will have access to reliable, high-speed Internet, no matter your location. The high-speed, dedicated bandwidth enables you to run critical and latency-sensitive business applications with ease. Acting as a primary or redundant connection, our solutions provide business continuity–keeping you connected even in an emergency.
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As your business grows with day-to-day operations, your dependency on reliable, high-speed Internet increases dramatically. Utilizing a nationwide fibre backbone, licensed frequency and carrier agreement, our dedicated network provides a customized solution that scales at your pace. 

Get connected with Canada's rural high-speed enterprise solutions provider and finally make your Internet connection worry-free.

Nationwide connectivity
Scalable custom solutions from 5Mbps to 1GB
24/7 priority network centre support
Extensive fibre, fixed wireless and satellite solutions
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Committed Information Rate with symmetrical bandwidth
Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
Static IP
Flexible contracts
Unlimited data transfer
24/7 Network Operations Centre support
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“Xplornet Enterprise Solutions' backup plans give us the confidence of knowing that if there is an emergency, we’re in good hands. An Internet outage can happen at any time, but it’s not something we’re worried about anymore.”

Steven C.

“When we needed reliable Internet service that could fully support our business operations, that’s when Xplornet Enterprise Solutions stepped in to build us a customized solution that continues to deliver without fail.”

Adam S.

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